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The Ironman 4×4 Atlas Crossbars are fundamentally available in four lengths, (1250, 1375, 1500, and 1650mm) however, the widest version only suits a handful of applications.

The Atlas Crossbars are constructed of extruded aluminium, designed with an integrated T-slot channel for easy fitment of a wide range of accessories and tie-down points, while each end also incorporated a tie-down point that will withstand the strongest ratchet straps.

Crossbars are attached with a pedestal either to a vehicle-specific foot-pack or mounting track ensuring seamless and strong integration to your vehicle. The pedestals are also lockable for additional security.

FUN FACT! Crossbars are usually the preferred system for mounting rooftop tents. Not only are they lighter, but they are far easier to mount the tent to.

Capacity and Weight

The Ironman 4×4 crossbars are rated to 50kg per crossbar, in a pair capable of 150kg. But do us all a favour, and check with your manufacturer what the roof load limit is for your vehicle – subtract the weight of the roof rack system and then only load your crossbars to the remaining capacity!

The Atlas crossbars paired with a fit-kit are unlikely to be more than about 10kg.

Basic math: 75kg dynamic roof load limit – subtract 10kg of hardware = 65kg off capacity to load.

OFF-ROAD ASTERISKS: Unlike some manufacturers, the Ironman 4×4 Atlas has one rating and it applies whether you are on the black-top, corrugated dirt roads, sand, or rocky tracks.

FUN FACT! Most vehicle and accessory manufacturers only publish a ‘dynamic’ load rating. The Dynamic Load Rating is the total weight the roof / rack system can support while being driven. There is also a Static Load Rating, which is usually at least 2 – 3 times the dynamic load. So don’t be afraid that once you get to camp, you won’t be able to actually sleep in your rooftop tent!

Features You'll Love 

Number of Crossbars: 2
Crossbar Length:

Kit includes:
Set of 2 Crossbars - 1500mm long (Component Part Number: IFR0518)
• Gutter Mount Legs (Component Part Number: IFR0350)

5 Year Warranty

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