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GME is recognised throughout Australia for its premium products. Ted Dunn founded GME in 1959. It began as a television repair service. In the 1980s, GME improved agricultural safety and productivity with the introduction of 477 MHz radios. In the 1990s, GME revolutionised the mobile radio market when it introduced the TX4000 series. Today Australians trust the ever-popular XRS series of UHF radios thanks to their convenient layout. The company remains Australian-owned with GME’s headquarters in Sydney, NSW.


GME’s design engineers keep its products at the forefront of Australian radio communications. truck drivers, emergency technicians, travellers are among those who use GME equipment. Police, ambulance services and rural fire brigades trust them. The Royal Flying Doctor Service is one example. GME is a great source for fixed mount UHF radios, handheld UHF radios, antennas and mount brackets. The family of TX4000 products sets the standard by which other radio devices are evaluated. Features include fully integrated multi-channel cell call, remote mounting capability and impressive aesthetics. GME’s exclusive ScanSuite works twice as fast as technology built into competing UHF radios. ScanSuite includes NetworkScan, AutoSkip and TurboScan. Skip nuisance signals and enjoy seamless conversations with like radios. You’ll find other attractive features among GME’s CB radios, like digital signal processing and advanced noise-limiting circuitry. You’ll also find models that are IP 67 waterproof and dustproof.


GME is a major manufacturer of other radio communication devices as well. Consider GME for other electronics like regulated power supplies and emergency personal locator beacons (PLB). GME’s PLB is a world leader in its market. You’ll get a seven-year battery along with a seven-year warranty. The unit emits the 406 MHz digital beacon signal processed by today’s satellites. Integrated GPS delivers location accuracy to less than 100 metres in many instances. GME’s PSA series regulated power supply features a rugged, vented steel cover that protects the unit. Thermal fuse protection prevents the power supply against overheating. A current-limiting circuit offers additional peace-of-mind.

Here at Sydney 4x4 and Outdoor we have a large range of GME products for whatever you needs require.

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