Top 10 things you need for a summer camping trip in Australia

Top 10 things you need for a summer camping trip in Australia

It’s never too early to start planning your summer holidays. If you’ve got a camping trip in mind to explore Australia, we want to help make it your best one yet.

Whether you’re heading away for the weekend or weeks on end, here are ten things we reckon will make your life easier and your trip much more enjoyable.

1. Storage

Is there anything worse than packing for a camping trip, thinking you’ve packed everything you need, realising you don’t, then frantically unpacking everything so you can play a real-life game of Tetris to make it fit?

Didn’t think so.

No one wants to be ‘in a mood’ before hitting the road. That’s why storage takes the number one spot on our list of camping things.

A good variety of weatherproof and dustproof cases won’t just make organising all your gear easier, they also stack together saving you space and keep your gear safe.

2. Fridge

Your standard esky and a bag of ice are great for keeping drinks cool at a BBQ, but that’s about it.

Have you ever packed an esky with ice and meat, then hit the tracks which were a little rougher than you last remembered, and had the plastic packing break, soaking an entire week’s worth of steak and sausages?

Let me tell you, it’s not ideal.

Save yourself the trouble and get yourself a reliable 12v fridge/freezer. The best thing is, they also plug into 240v outlets, so you don’t even have to worry about getting ice for the drinks at your next BBQ.

3. Portable power

It’s never been easier to keep your fridge and electronics running on the road. Portable power stations are a great way to power your fridge on weekend trips without having to commit to a dual battery system in your vehicle.

Or if your holiday is more of a working holiday, they’re a great way to power laptops and camera gear.

They’re easy to recharge at home and you can keep them charged while you’re on the road by simply plugging in your solar panels or blankets.

4. Solar panels

Are we too connected? Do we really need power while we’re camping? Debatable.

But, if you’ve already committed to things like a fridge/freezer and portable power, solar panels are a no-brainer.

Whether you have a dual battery setup in your vehicle, you’re using a portable power station, or just a good old battery box, they’ll make sure you can stay powered up a little longer.

Solar panel kits have become super portable and are a great addition to your camping kit for weekends, or longer trips.

5. Comfortable chairs

So, you’ve got to your campsite, everything is set up and you’re ready to enjoy a drink and relax.

Here’s the kicker, you’re the last one ready so you have the option of sitting on that old chair that no one likes or the fridge.

A comfortable camp chair is going to make your trip a whole lot better and if you aren’t cracking a can, it will hold your wine glass too.

6. Vehicle awning

You see them bolted to almost every 4wd on the road, and for good reason.

A vehicle awning is a great way to save space, they don’t cost much more than a standalone gazebo they take seconds to set up.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit most vehicles and can be set up with handy accessories like ensuites, walls and full rooms for extra shelter and privacy.

7. Rooftop tent

Forget about sleeping on rocks, don’t worry about getting washed out in that summer storm, and stress less about wombats raiding your tent for late-night snacks.

Rooftop tents are easy to set up and pack up so you can spend more time enjoying your holiday and less time trying to figure out how on earth that tent folded up so you can fit it back in that tiny bag.

8. Campsite lights

It’s the middle of the night, you begin to crawl out of your rooftop tent.

You go to put your foot on the ladder that you can’t really see.

You miss the step.

You’re falling and you think to yourself, ‘not like this’.

12v area lights are a great way to light up your campsite and the best thing is they come with a remote that you can keep up in your rooftop tent with you.

9. Water tank

Standard jerry cans are heavy, and they take up a lot of space. If you’ve got a ute, the perfect water storage solution is a wheel arch tank.

This means you only lose 12cm of storage space in the tub, the weight is centred, it can be strapped in easily and securely, and you have 50L of water ready to go when you need it.

Hook it up to a pump and hose, and you don’t even have to worry about taking it out of the car.

10. Portable shower

If you’ve spent the day driving, hiking, or swimming at the beach. There’s nothing better than a warm shower once you’ve finished. Portable showers are easy to set up and take up next to no space when they’re empty.

If you’re running roof racks or a roof platform a shower cube is a great way to get that extra privacy when you’re on the road.

BONUS ITEM: First Aid Kit

If you’re traveling or camping in remote areas, you’ll want comprehensive first aid supplies.

SURVIVAL’s Outdoor Bundle includes the Family First Aid KIT, Snake Bite KIT, and an Emergency First Aid Handbook.

It’s been designed to help you deal with major emergencies on the road and will keep you covered for most remote emergency situations across Australia.

Take the Snake Bike KIT with you whenever you leave your vehicle, because there’s no walking back to your 4WD from a snake bite.