Father’s Day Gift Buying Guide

Father’s Day Gift Buying Guide

Looking to get your dad something great this Father’s Day? We’ve done the hard work for you.

No matter what your dad likes, if he’s into camping and 4WD’ing, we’ve got something he’ll love in our latest Father’s Day Gift Buying Guide!

Head into your local Ironman 4×4 store to make your dad’s day!

The Thirsty Dad

Thermal Drinkware

Keep dad hydrated with the Ironman 4×4 thermal drinkware range

Whether your dad needs a hot coffee to kick off an early morning start for a camp trip, or a cool drink of water (or maybe something a little stronger) after getting to that perfect spot, he’ll love our thermal drinkware range.


The Super Organised Dad


Keep all of dad’s gear safe with the Ironman 4×4 Maxi-Case Range

If your dad likes to keep everything perfectly stored, organised, and most importantly, safe. You can’t go past our Maxi-Case range. They come in a range of shapes and sizes, are just as strong as your dad and can be stacked together for the ultimate storage system.


The Dad That Loves a Cold One

Portable Fridges and Power Stations

The Ironman 4×4 fridge and portable power station could be the perfect weekend combo.

Would your dad be over the moon if he could have cold drinks all weekend, no matter where you went? With our 43L IceCube M-Series Fridge and Titan 500 portable power station, he could have just that!


The Angry Mechanic Dad

Camp Lights

No extra hands needed with the Ironman 4×4 camp light range

If your dad can never get you to hold that torch quite right when he’s working on the car, we’ve got the perfect gift! The new Ironman 4×4 camp light range features mounting hooks and magnets, so you’ll never get yelled at for holding the torch wrong again!


The Bush Chef Dad

Portable Fire Pit

Level up dad’s camp cooking with the Ironman 4×4 portable fire pit.

If your dad’s the type of guy who thinks everything tastes better when it’s cooked over a ‘real’ fire, you can’t go past our portable fire pit. And, if your dad wants to take his bush cooking to the next level, you can even get him a rotisserie kit to go with it!.


The Snack Loving Dad

Portable Travel Oven

Let dad enjoy a hot pie anywhere with the Ironman 4×4 portable camp oven

If your dad is the type of guy who can’t hit the road on an empty stomach, he’ll love having a hot pie or sausage roll from his favourite bakery – even at the most remote destinations!


The Off-road Dad

Recovery Tracks

Make sure dad gets home with a set of RecoTraks

If your dad loves hitting the tracks or the beach, make sure he’s not stuck for too long if he does get bogged! A good set of recovery tracks is a must-have if you’re heading off-road.


The ‘Why Are The Kids Covered In Dirt Again?’ Dad

Pressure Solar Shower

You can’t stop the mess, but now dad can clean them with the Ironman 4×4 pressure solar shower

Perfect for messy weekend camp trips and dad’s that are always cleaning up after the kids. 12L of water and an easy to use foot pump, your dad will have warm water on tap, no matter where the road takes you!


The Chilled-Out Dad


Make it even easier for your dad to kick back with an Ironman 4×4 awning

Relaxing at his favourite campsite doesn’t get any easier when it only takes a few seconds to roll out all the shade he could possibly need and enjoy his favourite beverage. Cool and UV resistant, it doesn’t get any better!


The Touring Dad

Air Compressor

From roads to tough tracks and back again, keep dad rolling smoothly with an Ironman 4×4 air compressor

If your dad’s taking you on big trips and changing tyre pressures regularly to suit the terrain, treat him to an air compressor that is powerful enough to get the job done in a few minutes, and compact enough to even fit behind the back seat of a dual cab ute.