Compatible products

Benefits of Australian made BCDC'S

Ironman 4x4 has a range of products compatible with the Proguard No Loop Bull Bar. These products are recommended to be fitted during the Bull Bar fitment.

Monster winch
Proguard No Loop Bull Bars are compatible with Ironman 4x4 Monster Winch and other low profile winches.

  • WWB9000SR - 9000lb Synthetic Rope
  • WWB9000 - 9000lb Steel Rope
  • WWB12000SR - 12000lb Synthetic Rope
  • WWB12000 - 12000lb Steel Rope

Driving lights
Proguard No Loop Bull Bars have existing provisions for mounting driving lights.

  • Comet 7” Driving Lights
  • Meteor 7” & 9" Driving Lights
  • Blast II 7” Spot or Combo Driving Lights
  • 5x7 Eclipse Driving Lights
  • Night Sabre Lightbars
  • Bright Sabre Lightbars