Campfire Cast Iron Jaffle Iron - Jumbo Double

Campfire Cast Iron Jaffle Iron - Jumbo Double

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The Campfire Cast Iron Jumbo Double Jaffle Iron is perfect for making two toasted sandwiches, crumpets or pikelets around the campsite. The extra-long handle means you can stay a safe distance from an open fire while toasting your food. Its collapsible design means you can take it with you while camping, hiking or fishing.

A 29 X 14cm surface capacity is sufficient for two full-sized sandwiches, so you won’t have to cut the crusts off. With the Campfire Jaffle Iron (Jumbo Double) around, you won’t go hungry on your next outdoor adventure.


  • Pre-seasoned and ready to use
  • Quality cast iron to last for years
  • Removable wooden handle screws off for easy storage
  • Dimensions: L290 x W140mm
  • Weight: 3.50kg