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The Ironman 4×4 Atlas Platform rack is constructed of extruded aluminium beams, secured within an extruded aluminium perimeter. The rack is designed with the beams running perpendicular to the vehicle (side to side, rather than front to back). This setup makes for easier loading and securing of cargo, with far less chance of longer items dropping down and hitting your roof.

The Platform racks are available in three different lengths, and three different widths across a total of six variations to ensure an application that suits your needs.

Platform racks are perfect for carrying a huge range of accessories and loads including gas bottles and jerry cans, swags and soft luggage, spare tyres, and chainsaws.

Atlas platform racks are secured to most vehicles via a reinforced, stainless-steel blade, and can be affixed to an Ironman 4×4 canopy via a pedestal mount.

FUN FACT! Stainless-steel is a pain in the a** to drill through. But these blades are the perfect location to attach a set of camp/work lights or mount an Anderson plug connection for your solar panel. So, being the forward thinkers that we are, we’ve pre-drilled some pilot holes making your life that much easier. You’re welcome!

Capacity and Weight

The full specs can be found in our appropriately named ‘Specs’ tab. However, the crux of it is that these platforms are going to be stronger than any vehicle or fiberglass or ABS canopy roof load limit. For steel canopies, you can expect to hold at least 100kg dynamically.

A platform kit, including all mounting hardware weighs between 24kg and 39kg. It is imperative that you subtract these total weights from the total roof load limit outlined by your vehicle’s manufacturer!


Roof racks WILL inarguably add some additional noise to your vehicle. If you have been told someone has a ‘silent’ one, they are confused; or it’s mounted to their canopy and they just can’t hear the additional noise it’s making in the canopy. All options within the Atlas system have been tested and designed to minimise this noise as much as possible. Taking a closer look you will see a small, unintrusive but very effective wind deflector under the front leading beam of our Atlas Platforms. Additionally, the soft rubber inserts in the front and rear T-slots additionally are provided to reduce wind noise. Finally, the rack can be adjusted in its position forward and backward up to 20mm once installed to find the sweet spot!

Bolt It Down

Something this good looking, needs to be bolted, or it might just go walk-about! We’ve not spent the last few years with our heads in the sand, we understand the concerns over how roof rack solutions are attached to the vehicle and rest assured that in most cases we are able to utilise hard-mount fixing points that are already installed by the vehicle manufacturer. Where this is not an option, a customer track mount has been developed and secured to the vehicle for a robust and dependable mounting base for your platform rack.

Features You'll Love

Platform Size: 1240mm x 1530mm
Weight: 26kg

Kit includes:
• Platform Rack A W 1240mm x L 1530mm x H 50mm* (Component Part Number: IFR9337)
• Roof Rack Blade (Component Part Number: IFR0064)

5 Year Warranty

*The height listed is only the height of the platform. Each vehicle fitment is different but on average adding an Atlas Platform to your roof will increase the overall height by 80 - 100mm.

WANT US TO FIT YOUR PLATFORM? Get in contact with our sales team so we can send you a quote. 

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